Electronic Devices
& software Development

I design robust and affordable electronic devices.
I provide excellent software development services.


I strive to offer the highest quality software and hardware.


Everything I make is designed and thought to be bulletproof.


To me, passion is key.
I love what I do.


To make e-drum more affordable.
To make custom devices for my customers.


EveryDrum is a drum trigger signal conditioner interface. Up to 7 piezos and 1 FSR can be connected to the board.

Coming soon…

A trigger to MIDI module. Connect the board to your e-drum kit, and get MIDI notes in real-time over USB.

RT32 dev board (W.I.P.)

A development board that uses a STM32 microcontroller. It will be compatible with EveryDrum. Currently, a work in progress.

I make custom products!

You have an idea, a project, but you don’t know enough about electronics or software development?
I can help you.
Check out the services page to see if my skills suit your needs.


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